“Reflections of Light” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

As I sit here at a friend’s home on the southside of downtown Asheville, NC, the sun rises to meet me on this new dawn.  Warm and cozy, I’m thankful for the modern conveniences of the 21st century after having spent a weekend sleeping in a tent and huddling around a fire for the previous three nights celebrating the coming of another new dawn over the 11/11/11 weekend under the light of a full moon out in a field at a place called the Dove’s Nest further south of Asheville.  What a ride it’s all been.  What a beautiful ride.

The word “reflection” is such an appropriate one in so many ways.  I often hear the comment or observation from people, mostly ones I am coming into contact with the very first time, “Pheonyx, you have a very strong energy and such a beautiful light.  I noticed it the minute you walked into the room/circle/space.”   I smile when I hear this for several reasons.  One, because I know that if someone is sensing or seeing that light or energy in me, I know that they are only seeing a reflection of themselves in me.

And thus, I often respond with my own truth… “I am merely a reflection of you.”  And sometimes, when I’m in a REALLY festive mood, I eagerly reply,  “HEY!  If you spot it, you got it!”  (LOL)  It’s funny sometimes to see their response when they hear me say that also.  Often it is met with a mixture of a tender smile and slight surprise.  Almost as if, they’ve never heard such a statement before.  I’m almost convinced that most of them haven’t.  And yet it’s the simple truth that we are all mirrors for one another on this journey through the various levels of  the Earth School.

However, there’s also the reflection upon the events of our lives which we are able to look upon and clearly see the path as it has unwound and been laid out before us in order to get us exactly to where we are at any present moment.  I think and reflect upon all the amazingly beautiful beings I have met along the way on my own journey down the rabbit hole of self-exploration/reflection/expression and up again through the fiery ashes of change and expansion, and into the World.

I reflect upon the hundreds if not thousands of beings I have come across in my nearly forty years of life-schooling on this planet who have been immensely amazing teachers for me in the classrooms of Life.   The main subject of study?  The Self.  From parents to childhood friends, to lovers, to cosmic brothers and sisters, to the strangers at the bus stop in cities and towns along the way.  What a ride it has been.  What tears.  What laughter.  What heartaches which have turned into some of the greatest gifts of joy one being can ever experience.  And what challenges which have laid such amazing foundations of pure acceptance of what is, while sharpening my own tools and practice for Self and Universal Trust in my own ability to create and re-create my own experience in the world.

Everything and everyone serves as a mirror for our own growth and expansion, and it has come as a huge gift and an honor to be able to see my own reflection in everyone and everything around me from the bee, to the tree, to the banker, and to the bum.   Life is a dance with the shadows and the light.  You can not have one without the other while you are in it, for shadow is only evidence for light itself.

We are constantly surrounded by shadows.  Just look around you.   See how the light plays upon the space you currently inhabit, casting shapes and shadows on the walls or on the floor or ceiling.  Perhaps if you are sitting outside, become aware of how the light provides shade (yet just another form of shadow) under the tall plants, trees and even buildings.  And if you are sitting in a dark room right now reading this, observe how the simple light of the computer screen is reflecting into the room casting shadows behind, above or all around you.

You see, it doesn’t take much.  Even a single flame can light up a room and can be seen by beings both near and far.  And so it’s an honor when someone recognizes your own light and sees the many reflections of the inner self which they in turn can simply and easily reflect back.  Honor it and let it shine.  Know that the more you do, the brighter it becomes and it sends a strong but silent signal out to others to shine theirs even more fully.

The key is not to be afraid.  There will be a few “shadowy” beings out there who would much prefer you not shine so brightly, and they may even very well tell you so.  Perhaps even offer some actions in an attempt to dampen or attempt to snuff out your light.  But this is the practice, to keep that light as constant and burning in times of great and seemingly overwhelming darkness.  That is the work in the new School of Life which this planet is quickly evolving towards… let’s call it the Love and Light University.  Easy to remember, no?

And though everyone is welcome to apply, not everyone will want to or even have the necessary state of heart/mind to enter.   The application fee is simple… pure love.  The entry exam… love unconditionally.  The curriculum… pour this love upon a dessert parched planet of beings who have forgotten how to love.  Simple, right?  Yes, but not easy… for most beings anyway.  Even perhaps for you who has been drawn to this article for some reason in the grand scheme of life.  Perhaps for simply reflection.  Perhaps to serve as an acknowledgement for the beautiful work you have accomplished to be here now, in this moment, in pure understanding.  But I urge all to apply.  Open enrollment begins now.

It’s the dawn of a new age.  We are entering new and amazing times of great change and massive awakenings to higher Truths and self-manifestations.  Pay attention to the signs all around you.  Listen to the messages both coming on the wind and from the heart within.  Look around you and seek out the reflections of beings who most resonate and inspire you.

And, most importantly of all, DO NOT BE AFRAID to shine your own inner light into all of your circles of influence as you work your way through the many classrooms you seek and/or stumble upon on this planet.

The new school is in session.  Be the student. Be the teacher.  Be the light which reflects upon others which, in turn, gives others permission to shine their own light into the darkness…  both outside of themselves as well as within.

in reflection of every you in me and the multi-dimensionality of me in you…

<3 pheonyx



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