Pheonyx Feedback: “Shifting, Shaking, Rattling and Rolling… Finding Our Way Home”


AUGUST WRITES: “Hi, Pheonyx… It seems like a lot of people are going through some tough transitions… serious growing pains and shifts lately MORE than usual.  Wondering if you’ve noticed this or it’s just the same old thing?  We are definitely feeling it. And, with occupy Wall Street polarizing things somewhat.”


PHEONYX’S FEEDBACK:  It’s a good question, August. I’ve been posting a lot about the transitions lately, so if I’ve been showing up on your facebook newsfeed you may have seen a few things.  But to answer your question more specifically… things are not as they have usually been. Be assured of that…

Since the 11/11/11 date, new portals of energy have been opening up to support both sides of the conversation for consciousness. Since 2009, I have been sharing with groups and individuals that the energies were only going to get more intense as we moved through 2011 and entered into 2012. Currently we are in the tipping scale phase of consciousness. The question for humanity is currently, “In which direction will human consciousness turn?”  To put it simply, is the momentum enough for the 100th monkey?  Or are there still too many who refuse to see through the veil of fear and illusion in hopes that the will be “saved” by their government or God or material goods or whatever?

That being said… yes, you are correct in your observation.  There are LOTS AND LOTS of really big transitions taking place. Why now?  Because it is time.  Many soul contracts are being called in by the Universe as well. People have often asked, “Is there a timeline for the Awakening to occur?”  And my answer to them is “Yes.”  However, the timeline for the collective rise into full consciousness is neither fixed, and yet, nor is it purely static. It’s somewhere in between which is affecting all beings on all dimensional levels who have a vested interest on the what’s going on down here on dear ole Mother Earth. And trust me, there’s a GREAT many interests.

But what does that mean for the individual?  Well, primarily that means, metaphorically speaking, that the many individual drops of rain are beginning to fall and gather into rivers as the energies of both the Earth-bound and broader galactic collective consciousness become more and more aware of one another.  In other words, individual contracts for waking up are being called in by the Universe. There’s still free will as to whether or not each of us will choose to fulfill our part, however, the “wake up clauses” are being activated.  Mostly, it’s like a soul’s backup plan, just it case it forgets too long what he/she is meant to do here on the planet at this specific time in the broader shift.  You can think of it like this…

You know you are going on a journey into the world. You want to go it alone and figure it out on your own simply with your own skills and willingness to learn. You buy a map. You have all your supplies. You have plenty of cash reserves for the basic necessities and a little set aside for emergencies. You have trained and are ready to go. And you go leaving your friends and family behind. You tell them you’ll be in touch. Even write letters/emails and phone home from points along the way.

But JUST IN CASE something happens, you agree to carry an emergency backup tool to notify every one of your whereabouts. Think of it as something like a homing beacon with a special built-in GPS which will automatically turn on and guide you home in case you get lost out at sea, or the Amazon jungle, or Mohave dessert.  But it’s not something YOU necessarily have to turn on or activate.  It’s programmed to know what to do once it recognizes certain patterns of you being lost. You know… such as going in circles and circles for a very very long time; starting and stopping erratically with very little progress;  sometimes even going backwards on the trail only to repeat it again; or just getting stuck in single spot with virtually zero movement, as if you fell  down a hole or into quicksand or something.

And so, in any one of these cases, after a given set of agreed upon time, the special unit kicks on and begins to communicate where you are, where you’ve been, and begins to point out the direction where it is you want to go.  And once it’s on, you can’t turn it off.  The safety feature has been activated to get you home no matter what. For this was its agreement to you, and yours to it.  And therefore, one has the choice to either follow OR continue to do the same thing one has been doing all along with no avail.  But even if you decide not to follow, you will not be able to NOT know which way is home.

So, this is what’s going on with people. Wake up clauses have been activating for the past few years. Let’s say within the past five to ten years to be more exact.  Primarily within the majority of light workers considered part of the volunteer “advance team” of the awakening process on this planet. Those meant to blaze new trails and remember the paths of the Ancients which once led humanity home.

And currently, even as we speak, the emergency wake-up button is beginning to be activated for a second and third major wave of beings who agreed to contracts to help the human race and the planet evolve. That’s been going on more specifically for the past two to three years.  Thus, this increase in both peaceful and non-peaceful protests and major revolutions taking place in the Middle East, Europe, as well as within the U.S.  Mostly in and around major, government/military controlled, “anti-wake up” regions of the world which included densely populated cities where the Occupy Movements have been most polarized and affected.

And this is adding to the “shift”, otherwise described as the tipping of the balance scales from dark to light… from fear to love… from surviving to thriving… both on an individual level as well as a Collective.  As it is above, so it is below.

And so, yes… this is major major major transitional time. Everything right now is relatively unstable in the physical and material world because there is so much shaking up, breaking apart and people trying to find their way on a metaphysical level.  However, it is the cracking of the proverbial egg… or cocoon… or seed of a new plant or tree… whatever your chosen analogy… which is ready to be born into something new. And in all actually, to be born AS something new.

Meanwhile, the old energies are struggling to survive. However, back to that timeline I mentioned earlier… well, I do believe, as do so many right now, that the shelf life of the old-energy-paradigm is just about to expire. It’s not sustainable indefinitely because dark energies have to feed on dark energies in order to survive.  Internal soul-directed GPS’s are turning on all over the planet.  As people begin to wake up and find their way back closer to home, things like fear, doubt, worry and anger all fall away. Why?  Because beings are beginning to remember that they know that they are being guided and that they can trust in something connected to the guiding whole which was created to do just that… just in case of emergency (“emerge-and-see”).  Get it??

Hope that helps. Please feel free to share it with others.  Love and light, dear brother.  Love and Light for us all, Pheonyx



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