“A Message for Every Lightworker within the Sound of One’s Inner Voice” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

Greetings and appreciation, Dear Ones.  2012 has already proven to be year of tremendous reflection and releasing of old “stuff” while also providing for some immense opportunities for each of us to appreciate just how far we have come along on our respective life journeys… thus far.  And I say, CONGRATS and HUGE LOVE for all that you have endured and pushed through.

BUT we are still very much in the early birthing phase as far as the planet as a whole is concerned, so as always, I want to remind you to keep breathing, pushing and resting (when necessary) as you yourselves push through the next few weeks of integration and receiving of new energies of the new year.

The other night, I happen to find myself standing outside and looking up into the sky at about 3am in the morning only to be faced with one of the brightest and most twinkly of stars I’ve seen in a long time. And this was despite all the light pollution in the sky here in Atlanta, GA. Usually you can barely see a star in the sky from where I am currently writing you from. But there was no mistaking this beautiful blue ball of light, flashing very brightly in the dark night sky, outshining everything except the half-full moon which was already below the tree horizon heading to grace our brothers and sister on the other side of the dawn horizon.

I stood in awe and wonder as to what messages it had for me that night. I giggled at how it danced, almost forth and back, as I stared up at it through the mist of my warm breath on the cold night air. I closed my eyes and asked for its wisdom, and it spoke to me with such joy and eagerness of so many beautiful things to come.

The next day, I told my friend Laurie about the star, and the wonderous experience I shared with it. I also realized that I knew that star, and I had danced with its energy before, very recently in this lifetime as well as in many lifetimes past. Then the following night, Laurie and I stood outside to take in some fresh night air, and there it was again. It was earlier in the evening than when I saw her just a couple of nights before. And I remember that the clock read 1:11am just before Laurie and I stepped outside. As soon as I saw it, I pointed it out to Laurie with much excitement. Laurie, being the queen of iphone apps, proceeded to pull her phone out and call up the astronomy app which identifies stars and constellations in the sky in real time as you point the camera lens at it!  LOL… we do live in amazing technological times.

"Adoration of the Magi" by Andrea MantegnaAnd lo’ and behold, what did Laurie find?  It was the sun of our closest neighbor in the galaxy.  And she confirmed my knowing in that moment. It was the North Star.  Not the traditional North Star which is called Polaris, but what I believe will be referred to as the “New North Star” (perhaps metaphorically stating, however do remember, our the Earth’s magnetic poles are changing.)  The true Star of David. The same star that historically led the magi’s (“mystics/priests/magicians”) to the master teacher Jesus. The blue star “Kuchina” as mentioned in the ancient Native American Hopi prophecies. And she held my breath again as she danced like a child in the sky… the star better known as Sirius.

So much is happening and I just want to express my own gratitude for each and every one of you for taking the important and truly epic steps into places within yourself that have, at times, not felt very fun or even very life-affirming at all…. at least not while you were in those spaces. But I and so many others who can not be seen but who are also very much holding, guiding and directing you along the way through some the final and most difficult passages of space and time on your  path to meeting your higher selves. We are so very proud of you and are honored to be a part of your own journey. And too,know that your participation has been an important and very life-affirming part of my own journey as teacher, guide and fellow student of life and the ascension process we are all participating in.



And so, I wanted to take this moment to say to you, if not again and again… I thank you for your self-lovingness. I honor you for your spiritual willingess. I admire you for you human perseverance. And I am inspired by you for all your courage and trust to do exactly what needs to be done in order to move to the next level of your own Beingness.

Keep going. Don’t stop!  Remember to keep breathing and allowing that breath to connect you with all that is within you so that you may more clearly and courageously navigate the shifting waters of change. It’s all a part of the process, and I for one, personally feel that you are doing an amazing job of it!  Keep it up.  You know who you are… or you are coming into that knowing soon enough.

with love, light and the laughter of the sages… namaste always,



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