Pheonyx Feedback: “What is the Great Re-Awakening?”


MC WROTE: Brother Pheonyx, I love you man. What is the great Reawakening?


PHEONYX FEEDBACK:  To understand that the shift of darkness into light requires all of us. To learn from the actions of our forefathers/mothers. To not forget but to forgive and have compassion for both sides… those who have suffered and those who created the suffering. We are all connected. Not just now but have always been. And each and every one of us shares a lineage to those who were pained and those who inflicted. Some of us were even there at the time of the atrocities. Some of us died by the hands of the other. Some of us were the other. But we all stem from a single source of origin, so to point the finger to one is to also point the finger at the illusion that we are separate and therefore not equally connected to all the suffering that is.

NOW is the time for us to look at what is as well as what no longer exists. If we continue to carry the energy of tragedy, suffering and victimhood into this current state of being, then we do ourselves and our predecessors no honor, and certainly no justice, in remembering what it is we have all been through. All things happen according to the timeline of creation. And with creation comes the consequences of man. I believe that we can rise above the atrocities of our forefathers. But first, we must find a way to forgive. We must find a way to connect with those whom we have caused pain and ask for forgiveness. Ask it on behalf of those who can not ask for it even now for themselves because they have have gone forth from this duality with their karma.  Although, many have returned here at this time and place on the planet to balance what needs to be balanced.  And those of us here now must work for the collective assurance of all of our ancestors who have played out the game of duality and separation and left us with this challenging current task to go beyond that.

Some of us remember what it was to be there. Some of us have been the ones who have asked our own for forgiveness for not being brave enough or strong enough or wise enough. Some of us have gone into the Earth to ask the great Mother for healing and compassionate energy in order to forgive “the other one” for their injuries towards their orginal brothers and sisters. Those whom they could not see as equal to themselves because they were simply too blind, too unconscious to see. Some of us have been on both sides of the universal coin of contrast and construct. Some of us have also asked the Universe to clear our karma of ignorance and separation as we have come to remember our role here now on this planet. We must find a way to teach others that there is no peace in separation. There is tolerance perhaps. Silence even. But no peace.

Now is the time for great changes. Now is the time to level all fields and lay down the swords of separation and begin to plow a new field built upon a unified understanding that what we do to others is what we do to ourselves; to the body of the whole where beyond this plain there is no separation. We must learn to heal our own hearts in this moment. To look into the eyes of our brother and sister and say, “I have hurt. I have suffered. But I will no more. I forgive you. But no more. It is time we live in peace and harmony.“

Although, “my” version is not that much different from what is coming through the collective consciousness of the Universal Whole of beings who are waking up to the Truth that there is much more to us and this life and our place in the Universe than we have currently been led to believe based on historical powers that have been since the dark ages, through the Renaissance (another time of major Re-Awakening) and slips and falls of our collective knowing of major human advances through the Industrial, Atomic and now Technological Ages.

I’m not here to reinvent the wheel… only help to remember its core principles of form and function and to further improve the application of its technology in the world we live in today.  There are many who share the same cause. The “wheel” being the personal human experience. And like wheels, there are many different shapes, sizes and versions of it, and yet they all pretty much perform the exact same function… to facilitate the movement of something or someone from one place to another.

So, what does it all mean?  I mean, really… what does it all mean??  Well… that as physical conscious beings,  we are growing and evolving. But much that we are becoming, many of us have also been on many former levels before even now, and we are just beginning to remember that Truth;  the one that is inherently built into the cosmic and physical memory of the DNA of our be-ing. These are the esoterics of the conversation that are coming into tangible fruition at this very present time.

What are the real, practical and tangible understandings and applications of this Truth?

  • That we as human beings have forgotten, in many ways, that we are connected to the life force of this living Mother Earth, and that we have been treating her like spoiled, rotten children and it’s time to grow up, clean up our rooms and help others do the same;

  • That the forces of light and dark are plenty and always moving towards balance. Although human beings have an innate and ineffable ability to choose, the choice now is to choose consciously and in a place of grace for even being given that ability;

  • That each and every being already knows somewhere deep down in the core of their being that this is true, and it is now not only enough that each of us remembers this Truth, but we must also apply it in a way that SUPPORTS the creative expansion process on this planet instead of impeding it;

And that who we are and what we do HERE and NOW affects EVERYTHING around us in a profound and very energetic way… We are each a drop in the pond that sends a ripple out into the sea of galaxies and the Universal Ocean which holds us.

At least that’s how I have come to see and know it. Take it for what it’s worth.  LOL… trust me, I’ve got LOTS of writings on the subject.  See Articles of Enlightment by Pheonxy Roldan and just scroll you way back through the archives if you are ever feeling a little bored.

Well, I hope that helps in clarifying and addressing your more specific question. Enjoy and happy to continue the dialogue! much love for you, brother!

xo, Pheonyx



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