“Flowing Beyond the Know” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

The OCG 365+ Travel Documentary Journal Update 06.15.12 [MAKITI (MANILA), PHILIPPINES] Had an amazing three days with a deeply connected brother named Troy Bernardo, who found me on couchsurfing.com and ended up hosting me and showing me around Makati. We hit it off right off the bat, and had a great deal in common via energy healing modalities, personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs and the such. One thing to remember, especially when one is actively seeking and walking the path, is that there are NO accidents. Every meeting, every person, every experience is divinely designed to get you to where you are wanting and needing to go. Well, Troy and I had some work to do.

Both of us recognized a past-life connection, and once acknowledged we proceeded to open up and listen to what the Universe and our Higher Selves needed us to do in these newly presented moments of our souls reconnecting on our respective soul’s journey. And so we exchanged several conversations, facilitated some physical and emotional energy work, ate, drank a lot of raw fruit and veggie smoothies (thank you, Universe, for answering another prayer!), laughed, even found places to cry and let go of past hurts and angers and move into that place of forgiveness. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful in so many ways, and completely unexpected by my ego self. And as quickly as they began, the three days were complete and came to an end. Troy and I recognize the immense value and continued rewards that are already quickly unfolding from our trust in this “chance” meeting.

And I believe that our work is far from done. But now that we have the work of healing out of the way, we can move into the place of our souls playing together as we both continue our thing we are here to do on the planet. Some collaborative projects, one in particular, have already begun to percolate. Soon a pilot for a new kind of travel exploration show will be born. Shortly thereafter, a conversation with the conscious contacts at The O Network and/or The National Geographic Channel. All shall come to be what it is meant to be. In the meantime, I vow to continue to flow as I go and pay attention to all the signs. I tell people often when they ask me what I do that my “job” is to listen and to show up. What happens when we do that is beyond description sometimes. And then i just smile.

The Universe is an amazing place. I know you know that in your mind. I know you see the immense beauty of life all around you, right alongside some of the most terrible horrors that man can muster. But I invite you to look at the spaces in the middle of all that. The still quiet moments between the extremes of bliss and the banal. I invite you to look into the center of all things… the place where the flow is the least resistant. Guided by the breath, follow your heart and allow your mind to release its grasp to the edge of the bank where you have been struggling for so long to simple survive the ever rising and falling tide of ages. There is a gift for your soul there. One so great that not even your mind can fathom the simple complexity of its own existence. I am thankful beyond measure for the Universe and these opportunities and insights into that central place. Deep in the flow I continue to go, recording stories, pictures, interviews and even bits of the intangible within the heart of my own. And where it will all eventually lead one day I shall eventually know, and not a moment before I absolutely need too… towards a sea of infinite possibilities. Without a doubt, with faith I flow.

in love and appreciation for all of you, I AM. please feel free to share these words with others. thank you, ♥ Pheonyx



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