“Knowing Thyself: The Journey Home” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

Quezon City, Philippines.  It’s been a full four months here in the Philippines.  In fact, I realize it’s been exactly four months to the date as I’m writing this.  No wonder I felt deeply compelled to write more than usual today.  It’s so funny how the Universe works.  It’s been a beautiful blend of intense personal journeying reconnecting with family and cultural roots and gathering experiences and information on community and cultural healing modalities for the documentary project..

My mantra as of late has been one word mostly… FASCINATING. And it really has been, from the people and places I’ve had the opportunity to see.  From the regions of my mother’s birth place and childhood home in southern Vasayas province regions of Negros Oriental to the absolutely splendid mountain villages of northern Luzon such as Baguio and the very sacred setting of Sagada to the busy, exhaust fume filled streets of Manila, it’s been a fascinating journey of contrasts and blessed comparisons of the hearts, minds and livelihood of a very spirited people.  Of course, as an island nation made up of over 7000 (7,107 to be exact =) individual islands, nearly 200 uniquely spoken languages (otherwise referred to as regional dialects with Tagalog and English as the two official languages spoken throughout), and over 100 still active (but sadly shrinking) indigenous tribes throughout the islands, one could easily spend a lifetime here exploring the many possibilities of this very diverse and somewhat under-appreciated country.

Overall, the spiritual movement itself within the Philippines is still in the early stages of expansion. As a primarily heavily-practicing Catholic country with over 300 years of Spanish colonial influence followed by another 100 years of American social and education usurpation, it’s been a struggle for many Philipinos to truly know who they are without all the outside cultural iconification of modern-day western influences.*  Not only characteristically and socially, but spiritually as a nation of people who share deep roots to indigenous nature-based spiritual belief systems much akin to those of other major indigenous cultures such as the Mayans of Central America, the Aborigines of Australia and the hundreds if not thousands of Native American Tribes of North America.

But like everywhere, the strive to better know thyself is here, and there are many who are beginning to literally wake up to something new. And the feeling that I get through those whom I have had the privilege and joy to come across is the wave of awareness is growing fast, and those who are waking up are hungry for information and are eager to share this information with each other. The internet has been a great tool for communication, of course, and through facebook groups like Lightworkers in the Philippines on a local level and the On Common Ground and Spirit Science communities online, the information is spreading, and more and more gatherings for equal exchange and growth are being formed even as we speak.

From understanding the basics of the ego to utilizing energy healing methods such mindful manifestation techniques, meditation and qigong (energy work), it’s been a deep honor and a lot of fun to share these eternal/internal technology knowledge with people, and I am deeply looking forward to the “big ones” with two full-day The MerKaBah Method Lightbody Activation Workshops taking place this and next weekend. The first will be a private gathering for a group of reiki masters and students, and the second open to the general public here in Quezon City on the 28th. I’m really excited because very few people here have yet to experience the power of intense transformational breathwork. For example, there were zero hands raised among the group of 20 in the most recent mini-workshop on the MerKaBah when asked if anyone has experienced with deep breathwork before. So, needless to say, I imagine that these are going to be interesting and quite transformational for folks indeed.

And though I would love to stay on longer, despite my one-year “Balikbayan” visa (lit. Balik = come back; Bayan = hometown or homeland in Filipino/Tagalog), I must continue on the journey beyond the Philippine’s borders.  At least for now.   So, in a couple of weeks I head to Bali for a personal retreat to finish writing “the book”, as well as meet some new and interesting souls as I continue on the flow towards that even greater unknown. Where it will all take me in the end? We shall see. The journey itself is the destination for me at the moment.  Being in the moments and simply receiving them as they come has been beautiful and inspiring in so many surprising and appreciated ways.

So, the journey continues. I love and appreciate you all… past, present and future expressions and experiences of adventure, curiosity, love and light.  I have learned an immense amount about myself, my roots and have seen mirrors of my own struggle to “return home” in some simple yet profound in an effort to better understand the origins of the self .  And with this knowledge and experience I have been able to understand and connect with just another layer of my essential being while moving along this path of self-progress and personal awareness.  It’s a good life and I am filled with gratitude for the past struggles and deep levels of trust and courage of letting go which have propelled me to now. Letting more and more in all the time now that there is much more room for it all to flow into. Non-stop. No resistance, and deep appreciation. There’s plenty to go around.  And as I often say… it’s a big small world, and around and around I go.

More to come. ♥, Pheonyx



*Footnote: The arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 marked the beginning of an era of Spanish interest and eventual colonization. In 1543, Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named the archipelago Las Islas Filipinas in honor of Philip II of Spain. Miguel López de Legazpi arrived in the Philippines in 1565 and consolidated Spanish rule in the islands, which remained a colony of Spain for more than 300 years. Manila became the Asian hub of the Manila–Acapulco galleon fleet. As the 19th century gave way to the 20th, there followed in quick succession the Philippine Revolution, which spawned the short-lived First Philippine Republic; the Spanish-American War; and the Philippine–American War. In the aftermath, the United States emerged as the dominant power; aside from the period of Japanese occupation, the United States retained sovereignty over the islands until the end of World War II when the Philippines gained independence. Since then, the Philippines has had an often tumultuous experience with democracy, with popular “people power” movements overthrowing a dictatorship in one instance but also underlining the institutional weaknesses of its constitutional republic in others. (via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippines)


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