“Sound Crowning and Chakra Clearing Exercise” via Pheonyx Roldan Smith


a Divine Breath Form QiGong Practice Exercise for Body, Soul & Mind

STEP ONE:  In loose and comfortable clothes, or none at all (in the privacy of your own home or hotel room is recommended if the latter) and while sitting in crossed-legged (Lotus) position or comfortable in a chair with arm or back support and feet flat on the ground, begin below the roots (i.e, your feet) by grounding your energy into the Earth with a deep, lower belly hum reaching deep into the feet.  Allow yourself to ground this energy and begin to rise it up the legs into the base of the spine.  Take a few long,deep, slowwwwwww breaths (aka belly breaths).

STEP TWO: After a few repetitions and when it begins to “feel” right in your body, begin to rise the energy up into the base of the spine of the Root Chakra and visualize the associated color of Red.  Take a long, deep, SLOWWWW breath into the base of your spine and as you exhale, create the sound of the first chakra with “Rhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm” (sounds like “mom” =) until you reach the end of the breath.

Breath in long, deep and SLOW while visualizing the next level up exhaling the sound associated with each color at their respective levels (see chart and visual references below. click photo to enlarge).  Imagine the energy rising and shifting into the next, like liquid light changing colors as it rises through your body.  When you come to the Crown Chakra, begin to emanate all those various ranges of light into a singular field of color of WHITE (this is what we call “crowning”) and extend this energy out of the top of the head into the Higher Level Chakras (8+) into the Universe and connect them to the Universal Consciousness Grid around the Earth.


8th/Higher/White: AhhhOhhmm.. (finish here)

7th/Crown/Violet: Ohmmm…

6th/Third Eye/Indigo: Shahmmm…

5th/Throat/Blue: Yahmmm…

4th/Heart/Green: Hahmmm…

3th/Solar Plexis/Yellow: Lahmmm…

2rd/Sacral/Orange: Vahmmm..

1st/Root/Red: Rahmmm…  (yup, start here)


Complete each cycle from root all the way to crown (and beyond) with one breath at a time.  By the way, one inhale AND one exhale equals one full breath.  Just a reminder out there for those of you who sometimes forget how to breathe.  (You know who you are… =)~  And one full breath is what we call a “rep”  for the purposes of this practice.  A completion of one set of  8 reps, one breath per level from Root to Crown and 8th+ Chakras completes one “Cycle”.  Rinse and repeat.  But before you do, please read Step Three.

STEP THREE:  At the end of each Cycle and before starting the next one, come back into your natural state of breathing (well, maybe a little slower than for most of you. I’m just sayin’… )  and rest for 1 to 3 minutes before beginning again.   The purpose of this rest is to allow the energies to integrate, open up, clear out energetic obstacles, and connect you to your Higher Self/Consciousness.  Repeat as many Cycles as you feel necessary in the current sitting (see safety note below*).  A minimum of 3 to 5 cycles will suffice, but 5 to 7 much better, and anything over 9 to10, prepare to blast off!

STEP FOUR:  LOL.. Have fun!  Practice is at least 1-3 times a week, and watch/see/feel/hear/be what opens up!   Keep me posted on any thoughts or questions that come up.

in service of love within all light, Pheonyx


+BONUS! PINEAL GLAND CLEARING MODIFICATION:  To clear and de-calcify the pineal glad, focus on the 6th Chakra with the sound of “Eeeeeeehh” (sounds like “bee’) as many times as it “feels” right in moment with long, SLOW deep-belly breathing.  Then visualize your Third Eye opening up as things begin to fall away.  Important Note:  DO NOT actively engage (i.e, with your mind) the other chakras when working with the pineal gland in this particular exercise.   It won’t hurt you if you do, it just a bit less effective.  Remember, where the mind goes, the Energy flows.   The pineal gland will engage the others on its own when it’s ready.  So, just keep the focus on the Third when sounding, and pay attention to the Flow without judging it.  =)

*IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE:  Please perform this exercise while either sitting or lying down.  For your own safety, please DO NOT do this exercise standing until you have practiced it extensively and have begun to work with the energies.  Depending on the being, the energies that get open up can affect your physical stability at first while things begin to move internally.  If the energies become too overwhelming, simply lie down either on you back (you may have to get out of their chair for this, mind you), or for you yogi’s out there, come into child pose on the floor.  Then just take some long, deep SLOOOWWWWW breaths while drawing your Awareness (and the Energies) down into the Earth.  Also, please do not do this exercise while operating any vehicles, swimming under water, or at the dinner table of your mother-in-law’s during Thanksgiving dinner.  Actually, feel free to do that last one if you like, and let us know how that turns out.  That could make for a really good story.  But as for the other two, please do refrain.  Thank you.

Okay, go do it!  Have fun! Keep me posted!



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