BlogShare: “A Word on the Process of Activations” by LionPatch

“A Word on the Process of Activations” by LionPatch via Spirit Science Facebook Page

The Shedding. As human beings, we are granted the gift of evolution. This evolution is driven by our free will. We meet obstacles, then we get to choose which direction we will take on the path. Which emotions we will keep. Which wounds we will heal. When we meet an obstacle, the shedding process begins. If you think of an obstacle as a strainer, we are pushed through it, pulling away the unnecessary as we move through to the other side. The shedding process is a cleansing process.  We will become stifled and stale without it. You must let yourself shed to grow. Just like a plant, shedding its dead leaves making room for the new ones.

The Death. After the Shedding process you will experience a death. Death is simply the clearing out. The space created for newness. The fertilizer for creation. Loss and grief are necessary emotions to process through this death period.  Keep in mind that emotions are like neuro-pathways, sending information back and forth to complete the process. During this process we must learn to sit and wade in the emotions,  knowing that nothing is forever and keeping the depression from concreting itself within us. There is a moment of light and growth in everything, even in the darkness.  Sometimes visualizing what emotions you are experiencing is beneficial. Go into a cocoon state. Feel the dirt around you supporting your through this process. Then once you start feeling the light emerge (usually from one of your chakras) see the dirt start to shift down away from you, leaving you to see the sky. (letting the dirt shift is the beginning of the letting go process)

The Letting Go. When the thought of “failure” comes to a person and the feeling of needing to give up arrives, it’s important that your tight grasp on the situation and its energy begin to loosen.  This allows the energy to start its motion again, becoming unstuck.  When energy can move, things and situations are created. Allowing your grief and your sense of loss to be released will give room to the situation you were trying for in the first place.  However, it is important to never totally lose faith in your abilities and in the Laws of Attraction.  Remember that in that moment of release, you are executing the final step in getting what you want.  But also know that if it doesn’t work out as you originally wanted or EXPECTED, then some part of you (and/or the Universe) knew better and is manifesting something else. The process can be scary, feeling your stability, the floor and walls of your egoic mind that once protected you beginning to crumble. You must let them crumble. They contain the elements of your previous emotions, which will not suit your new process, your new being.  Letting go, will allow you to discover new parts of yourself that will be beautiful and good for your success.

Trust yourself, no matter what you are doing and in turn you will attract honest situations.



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