“A Time for Play and A Time For Work… It’s Time.” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

Dear Ones, the kid-gloves are coming off.  It’s really time to step up and BE the work. Keep breathing. Keep letting go. Learn to believe and trust more. Much more to be revealed. I love you. always. No matter where this physical body will go, the Spirit works from and within the infinite of time and space. It’s all connected. You are NOT alone. Do not forget that. Re-member what it is you are meant to remember. Do not take what can not be given. Do not give what you are not first able to give to yourself. These are the basic principles by which we are called to embody. It’s not enough just to say the words or to “know” the concepts in your thinking minds anymore. Will you step through the next door.

The choice IS yours. It’s always been yours. There is no more try. It’s time. 

Know that with all the vibration of a pure and loving heart, and anything that gets in the way of that will be burned away. And it may hurt while it does, but that’s what fire does… it burns.  But only until you know how to use it. Until you understand the true essential principles of alchemy… the absolute transformation of the Soul through Human form. Fear is the fuel for the fire of transformation. Feed each one of your fears to the flames and watch the world you once knew fall away, and new one full if different scenes, people, color and experiences begin to rise… right here in front of your eyes, as well as within.

“Gather the Miracle Makers,” They (the Adameh Guides) told me three years ago.  I AM listening and paying attention to all that I AM and YOU ARE.

WE ARE calling upon all lightworkers to step up to the bat and don’t be afraid to swing and knock it out of the proverbial ball park. It’s time. WE ARE seeking your light. please don’t hide it any longer. And please don’t depend on another to keep it lit. It’s up to you to fan the flame of your inner transformation. Let go and let the Universe in. WE ARE here for you.

-Pheonyx and The Adameh Guides




“The LightWorker” by Vicky Anderson Published November 4, 2012 All Articles 2012 , Lightworkers 3 Comments Tags:   Please repost with this link at the top:  Reposted from The Awakening Website

There are approximately 150 million souls who originally agreed to be the beacons of Light in order to help raise the consciousness of the rest of humanity so they will be prepared to ascend with the Earth into the fifth dimension.  This is about two percent of the six billion people on the Earth.  These are the Lightworkers and this is their mission.

The soul of the Lightworker is older than most other souls on the Earth.  They have lived many lives preparing for this Aquarian age.  Often, these souls have been deeply involved in spirituality, incarnating as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics and shamans.  For fulfilling these roles, they were often rejected and persecuted, the traumas from which have left deep scars within them.  But, during their multitude of lifetimes, they have amassed wisdom, strength and abilities that will surprise them when their roles are finally revealed.

You are the Light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.  Matthew 5:14

One of the factors blocking the self-realization of the Lightworker during this lifetime is that they carry a heavy karmic burden, which can lead them astray for a long time.  But, when they make their way through this burden and release the need for power, they realize that they are beings of Light.

Once it begins, the Lightworker has the capacity for a rapid spiritual awakening.  If they choose it, they can move down the Path faster than most other people, which enables them to bring others along on the journey.  But first, they must complete the journey themselves.  And this generally demands great determination and perseverance.

For the Lightworker, the journey of ascension has included strange and unidentifiable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms.  They have experienced rapid transitions in their career, personal relationships and living situations.  And they have most certainly experienced an unusual amount of loss in various areas of their lives.

Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the Servants of our God.  Revelation 7:3

But the Lightworker is now helping others to find their own beauty and self-worth.  There are two ways of working with Light – you can either Be the Light, or you canReflect the Light.

Both are the gifts of the Lightworker.


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