“A Prayer and Meditation for Global Lightworkers” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


I call upon the powerful Guardians and Beings of cleansing White-Light Energy of blinding and unbinding proportions to clear out any and all dark and malevolent forces.

I Breathe IN the energy of ArchAngels Micheal and Gabriel, and call forth the Divine Energy of the Metatron, the supreme voice of the Source Creator.  

I sound the sacred sound of “AaaaaaaaaaOhhhhhhhhMmmmmmmm” from the center of the heart space, and call in the energies of the Master Teachers Yeshua, the Christed One and The Buddha, the Awakened One.  I also call forth the Divine healing energies of the Divine Mothers Mary, the Virgin; Magdeline, the Vessel; Quan Yin, the Diviner; and Isis, the Revealer.

I Breathe IN the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Mother Earth and the Source Father Sun; Sister Moon; The Seven Sister energies of Pleiadian Love and Andromedian Compassion; and the Sirian Wisdom Teachers, The Adamehs.

And I also call forth the great and benevolent Ancestors, sentient and non-sentient alike who walk among us and serve as guides and bridges between us and other worlds.

I Breathe OUT these energies and allow them to clear the conflicts of the thinking mind. I call these energies forth to help clear the inner spaces of the human heart and mind.  I allow my LightBody to be more fully and deeply activated. I keep breathing. I surrender to the willingness to go deeper and wider on this journey towards karmic cleansing and soul-level healing. I clear out the old karmic patterns of the ego which relies on fear, judgment and separation.

The more I let go of the darkness, the more Light I let in to help me see, understand and walk my Higher Path and fulfill my ultimate Life Purpose.


381714_10151243595632381_1129500378_nDear Ones, Be with Source of your Self today. Be with It always, and begin to remember what it is you came here and originally forgot. Let go of that/which/whom no longer serves your highest needs/wants/desires. Love them and let them go. Love you and let the Universe in. Then send this energy out into every direction on the planet. The World needs your Light more than ever right now. Don’t forget it. Don’t go back to sleep. Don’t fall back into old egoic patterns of injury, self-punishment and shame. Keep going. Keep breathing. Keep loving. Keep remembering.

Please share this message with others. We are all here to walk each other home… well, those who are willing and ready to walk with us, of course. Let those who have the eye to see, see… Let those who have the ear to hear, hear… and release all anger, shame and fears.

Thank you, and I love you. ♥, Pheonyx


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