Pheonyx Feedback: “Inter-Dimensional Space Travel, Light Working, and the Meaning of Tattoos”


KHADIJA WRITES:  Greetings Pheonyx!  I want to describe something that has been happening to me lately and what I believe it to be, but I want your opinion and insight if you know what it could be or is?  Recently, I’ve been seeing lights and colors of all possibilities, I see orbs and other light beings. I sort of tune out of this frequency and dimension but it is not the same as Astral Projecting its well I can’t quite describe it!  But to put it this way this ‘world’ or ‘reality’ slowly fades away and everything turns white for a little while (a few seconds) and then all of these colors appear. This has happened to me in the past but now it is becoming more frequent say sometimes a few times a day or once or twice a month.

My conclusion or opinion of this is that I at times sort of get myself to vibrate on a higher frequency and am starting to see the 4th dimension?!  It really is quite beautiful and I have astral travelled to the New earth and also Lower Earth, both experiences will stay with me for the rest of my being – Truly was amazing!  Everyone vibrated at such a high frequency on New Earth… I just felt like crying with happiness and I believe I was only there for a short while indeed. I remember talking to a being, though I do not know what they looked like as they were surrounded by white light, I cannot remember what we talked of but wow do I want to bloody remember lol! Low earth was a much worse version of the current state of this earth right now and really that’s all that needs to be said.

Sorry  sort of went off topic but it all just flowed out and I wanted to share my experiences with you also. I hope you are well and happy!  Eagerly awaiting your reply!   Oh, and another thing!  Are there certain kind of tattoos that you can get that will help you call angels or guides etc? LOL… I had to ask the movie Constantine has been playing on my mind all day!!

Peace and Love, Khadija


PHEONYX’S FEEDBACK:  Thank you your email, Khadija.  Yes, many of us are able to step in and out of the higher multi-dimensional realms, sometimes at first it’s “spontaneous” while the doors and windows first get opened.  Eventually, with practice, we are called to understand how to work with these frequencies and how to use them in the area we are called to work within here on the planet at this time.  Sometimes that purpose may be as simple as just holding these frequencies and sending them out into the collective light grid when the time calls for it.  Just listen closely and you will know when the time is right for that.  Other light workers like myself tend to also announce when the call for ”grid work” and communication is coming through the Universal channels.  I often will post them to the OCG Conscious Community page on

As far as tattoos go….  all symbols, like thoughts and words, hold and convey energy.  However, whatever symbol YOU can see and/or design which allows you to FEEL connected to your angels and guides is the best one.   BUT DO KNOW THIS… a symbol that activates/connects one being to their guides may not be the same symbol the activates/connects another!  This is very important to realize and remember.  Not to say that a single symbol can’t have the same effect or ability.  Only to say that it may OR may not.   So, be cautious to go on simply what someone suggests (even me =)~.

left calf, circa 2010My best suggestion is to go within your meditations and ask for the symbol to be revealed.  You may see it in the mediation, and/or they may show it to you as you move through your physical world.  Open your heart and be open to receiving and you will know it when you see it, However it will show up eventually, and you will know it because it will speak to you on some level… usually through a feeling that it is true for you.  Trust that and go with it.

left forearm, circa 2009Remember, a tattoo is a symbolic commitment to a thought or idea as well, and is intended to be a pretty much permanent and often painful) commitment as well.  But the process of receiving a tattoo on the physical body is also an expressive form of a rite of passage for many as they pass through the old into the new.  Tattooing is also considered a symbolic and artistic ritual that dates back thousands of years in many ancient indigenous tribes which could only be administered by an elder or a shaman of the tribe.  However, getting a tattoo has become somewhat of a “cool factor” or a sign of outright rebellion to conventional “main stream” society among many of those who have them here in the modern age.   But not everyone considers  tattooing a simple novelty decided upon at the end of a crazy night out on Bourbon Street.

right calf, circa 2012I personally have six tattoos, the first one received ten years ago (I think it’s important to mention I dreamt of having a tattoo since I was a kid).   Each one symbolizes a chapter or two of my story which leads into the next, thus representing something very significant for me at that specific point and place on my journey.  I also have the 6th and 7th already selected in my heart/mind… just waiting for the right time to call upon the right and perfect artist to help me manifest them onto my physical being.   Tattooing can be a very beautiful and sacred process (in my personal opinion).   So, should you decide to join the ranks of the ”spiritually-inked”,  treat your art as well as your canvas, the very skin you walk in,  with honor and appreciation.   And may your ink serve as a bookmark along the many chapters of your life,  reminding you of powerful and significant moments along the way, and help connect you with others, both on a physical as well as a metaphysical plane, as you move further along on your path.

Good luck and thanks again for your inquiry.  I hope that helps.

love-en-light, Pheonyx


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