Pheonyx Feedback: “Opening Up the MerKaBah LightBody”


CHRIS H. WRITES: I feel like I already know the answer but here goes… That first day at the [Three Days of Light (3DL) mini-MerKaBah Activation] workshop, the fact that I didn’t fully surrender to it.  Is it possible to get to that same point again? I’ve only kind of tried the breathing 3 times since then and it worked, but I’m guessing’ when I go into nature and really get into it one of these days it will be intense. Also, I think I need to stop researching merkaba all together and just do/feel/be it. Because I keep reading demonic and psychotic stuff about it. It’s ridiculous


PHEONYX REPLIES: Aho… stop reading about it and just trust yourself and call in your higher guides and guardians of protection to help you move through it.  Besides, it can not be activated properly within a place of fear.  Quite the opposite, which requires a great deal of courage, trust and willingness to let fear go when in the process of activation.  Otherwise, it’s just breathing. Nor is it something you can or will figure out in the head. In fact. that will lead you into the opposite direction of what and where it IS… which is in the right now, in complete surrender of the thinking rational/irrational “monkey mind” to the breath. A letting go and calling in the Higher Self which moves into and out of again, beyond the realm of thoughts and belief systems. Beyond the limited current ability of the thinking mind to make sense of it or even understand.  Don’t THINK. Just BREATHE. And TRUST the process.

And you are in luck! Because of a prompting from another person who experienced the breathwork at 3DL weekend gathering a couple of weeks ago, the tracks that I use for the MerKaBah LightBody Activation*, given to me by my shaman guides is called “Shaman’s Eye: Healing Rhythms for Trance Meditation” by Liquid Bloom, AND can now can be found (all 5 tracks) on’s youtube page under the “MerKaBah LightBody Activation” playlist! Go to and scroll to the bottom of the playlist. The full journey set is in order from with track #25 (Roots of the Earth) through #29 (Whispers of Our Ancestors). Total play time a little over one hour, and as long as you don’t have the playback on “shuffle” you should be able to take the journey and breathe as the music guides you further, faster and deeper and back again as the tracks play out.

Have fun, let go and trust the process… in light, Pheonyx



“A Prayer and Meditation for Global Lightworkers” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

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“The Full 360” Ten Minute Mini-MerKaBah Workshop with Pheonyx Roldan Smith

Chakra Breathing Meditation with Pheonyx Roldan Smith

*To learn more about the MerKaBah LightBody Activation Experience with Pheonyx Roldan, visit


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