“When the Two become One within the Three, therein will (the) I (AM) Be.” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“When the Two become One WITHIN the Three, therein will (the) I (AM) be.”

the Two:  Masculine & Feminine Energies

the One: The Lower (Earth-based) Self

the Three: Mind, Body and Spirit

the I AM: Source/God/the Divine (Higher Self Fully Activated Within the One)


This is the true essence of alchemy. This is the basic principle of “magic” in the sense of manifesting something from one thing into another through the ethers (void) into light (non-void). The only thing this principle has to do with the alchemy with anything physically outside of you is that all things are connected. Just to be clear… you do not create the experience IN others, only WITH others.  A third is not so much created, IT IS already inherently there. The OTHER is inherent within the OTHER, not the Self and yet serves as a powerful mirror for either the pain and suffering of one or the joy and freedom of another.

However, most do not know how or what it is they are creating within the One, in which case the first step is simple awareness of one’s higher consciousness. It is inherent but not fully activated (the awareness that is) within most. To have knowledge that something exists does not automatically grant one the wisdom on HOW to ascertain and apply it on this or any other level. Knowledge of something is not wisdom, but it does serve in the process of increasing awareness. Only by experience can one gain true wisdom, even if that experience arises from a full memory of past lifetimes of experiences to apply what was understood and is to be applied in the present Now. Yet, know this also, dear Ones, that even inaccurate information can serve as useful… especially when pointing one towards the direction to reveal what it is that perhaps they still do not want to know but is necessary (serves an important need) for self-realization.

All roads leads one home eventually. All information is Light. What is about to occur actually has already happened before… simply not to the scale upon which all is about to be revealed and perhaps not for the many beings which are about to experience it. But for others, this is simply a review/re-do/service to the Others. These beings know who they are. The ones who don’t know, shall.

In-Light, Pheonyx


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