Pheonyx Feedback: “How to Deal with Negative Spirits/Energies and Trixter Gods”


 Danny wrote:  Dear Pheonyx, I have questions about negative spirits/demons/’trixter gods’ if you don’t mind me asking you.  It’s what’s making me scared to return to the ‘”spirit realm” with the extracts from the vine of the dead/spirits.

 Pheonyx: All beings return to the Source but on various coordinating “levels” or “dimensional” realms, Danny.  Dark does not coincide with light in higher realms as they do so down here on lower three dimensions. So, you need not worry or be scared of mingling with darker spirits when you return to Source if you remain in the work of the light and do no harm to others while you are “down here”.

 Danny: Do I have to worry about being deceived by entities, and can negative and positive spirits influence people in the physical dimension you think?  Obviously if they are allowed to be influenced that is, but this quote rings in my head … “You can go into a pitch black room full of evil, full of darkness, and light a little candle and instantly that darkness flees.  But you can’t do the opposite.”  That is the metaphor that I frequently think of when I think I am not empowered, so I don’t have any big worries to be honest just would like a different point of view I guess. 

 Pheonyx: Pay attention, yes.  But worry, no.  All dark energies feed on worry and fear.  Take that away and you take away their power.  Call in higher energies, angels, guides and frequencies and they scatter like mice. =)  The key is NOT to call dark energies  IN as well.  No point in playing with dark energies.  Not worth it.  If you physically INVITE them in, consciously or not, they are a little harder to get rid of.  Dark energies/spirits can have a huge influence on one’s experience, especially if  one is young/naive in their understanding of the Spirit World and does not have an experienced teacher/elder/shaman/guide to assist them when one becomes attached to a being.  General rule of thumb: don’t invite them in… even by thought.  Focus on Light. 

 Danny: Thank you for the advice its hard making sense of it all when you’re looking into it on your own really, and that’s exactly how I saw it because I remember when I was looking into ancient cultures and there was something about inter-dimensional beings who feed off of fear and anxiety, low-frequency vibrations.  That’s why they would induce as much fear as possible in the person before committing the ritualistic sacrifice to give the negative energy gods their power

I guess that’s why we have war, poverty, and sick, selfish, and cruel people.  I remember when I was younger I got caught up with something I found myself dancing with the devil the whole time, but I’m glad I’ve been through what I have been through, because without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Who knows, I probably wouldn’t have ever messaged you and so on, but you cannot see the light without walking through darkness right?

 Pheonyx:  Exactly, Danny.  It’s important to keep that perspective and keep expanding the Light.  However, the Shadow has much to teach us.  It is our place of practice and increasing our own awareness of that which operates in darkness versus in light.   When we are ready to see what the light has to show us beyond the darkness, then our real work begins.  In fact, I just posted this message this morning… 

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 8.30.02 PM

LOL, your inquiry arrives in perfect timing indeed. When you trust yourself, that’s exactly how it works.

Keep up the good self-work!  Trust the process… and your Self… and you will go very far, my dear brother-friend. 

blessings and namaste, Pheonyx

P.S… The same rules apply to negative vibrational living beings (aka humans) too!  Just a reminder.  Love them and let them go.  Let lying dogs lie is also a good rule of thumb here.  No point in risking a bite.  Trust your instincts.  XO


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