“The LightWorker’s Path” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


Life IS the journey. Some of that journey will require steps on the path which only you, and you alone, can cross. It is the walk in the desert. It is the silence under the tree. It is the walk through the valley of the shadow of death in order to realize there is fully nothing to fear and no promise any being outside of you can fulfill you in fully knowing your purpose through life and the work you have come here to complete. It is not for others to walk for you. And they will not be able to join you as you traverse through the eye of your own needle to the other side of Truth and Understanding of your life’s path, purpose and power to create the life you have come here to create. Those who love you will journey with you through the heart.  

Your Creator and the many Angels and Guides who have agreed to serve you will help light the path more clearly in the darkness. But the steps you will be required to take are all your own.  No one can walk it for you and nor will they be able to be by your side for it is not their’s to walk. Yet, you shall be greeted on the other side with open arms extended from hearts profound for they will be able to behold your light when the darkness fades and a new dawn has once again been brought upon the face of all mankind.

This is the healer’s journey. This is the lightworker’s path to realizing what most will turn away from, even when shown the perfection of the way, for fear of that which ca not be revealed within the light of day. You must be willing to trust and go into the darkness to be the light. Many of you will, and know too that even in the moment the darkness calls you to the challenge. Trust the process. Walk bravely into the night and know that all things shall pass and greater things are soon to be revealed even unto the meekest of yea willing to believe in the power of such Divine Love of the Universe. I love you all beyond all conditions… from the overflow.

In peace, love, trust and by the grace of the great I AM from which WE ALL stem,

♥ Pheonyx


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