“Of Truth, Trust and Light” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Of Truth, Trust and Light” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith (Sept. 2010)

My heart bleeds 
but I breathe Life 
into that which now and always 
pours out upon a hurting planet 
seeking to be reborn. 

I AM that child.
I AM that midwife. 
My mantra is Truth and Trust. 
My tool is the Light I have been given
as it pours from my heart, my Soul, my side.

May it Awaken each and every Life form 
upon this re-deathing and re-birthing bed
through the Divine Gaia,
while FatherMother Source
composes a song of service and celebration
for every midwife to hear,
for every child to feel,
for every bearer to see.
Surrendering to the beautiful mystery.



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