“Weathering the Storm and the Shift of the Ages” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


Photo by Pheonyx Roldan (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, December 2012)

“Weathering the Storm and the Shift of the Ages” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

The electricity in the air is palpable. Thunder begins to roll through the ridges and bounce off the walls of the many temples around me. The monsoon (rainy) season is in full swing in Bali, and I sit and revel in the cleansing effect of the rains as I sip on my first cup of Bali coffee on the covered open-air patio at a little warung (local eating joint) just off a little side street, a stone’s throw from the center of town.

It’s good to be “home” here in Bali, having touched ground once again on the “Island of the Gods” only a short twenty-four hours ago (exactly to the minute as I notice the 1:10 time stamp at the start of this writing). My mind is beginning to slow down its frenetic pace of teaching and traveling during the past three months during a surprise half-way-around-the-world tour of two months back in the U.S. followed by another month in the Philippines. It’s a bit hard to believe that three months have passed since my first tour here in Bali, but I knew that, God willing, I’d be returning to pick up where I left off with some important work, and to focus on finishing my first book. And I’m making a public announcement of commitment to complete it by my birthday on 02/13/2013. So… there it is. Feel free to hold me to it, by the way. =).

And so, fulfilling my personal commitment of returning here on 12/12/12 (yesterday) is significant for me on many levels as we, as a planet of beings, complete a very significant cycle in the history of mankind over the coming few weeks. Most of you don’t need me to explain what that cycle is as we move through the final days of this year. Like the cycle of the annual monsoons in these tropical parts, the larger cycle surrounding the evolutionary consciousness of humankind is about to go through some very significant clearings.

IMG_1079No doubt, storms are currently raging within the hearts and minds of men/women as recent external conflicts incite in spiritually and culturally significant epicenters such as Israel, Palestine and Egypt. As well, more subtle but deep-seated political tensions continue to fester between China and surrounding Asian countries (it’s all in the papers here), enough so that even the U.S. has decided to increase its own naval presence here in the Pacific for the first time since the second World War and Vietnam conflicts. Meanwhile, the economic stability of the U.S. and many E.U. countries continue to struggle for a firm foothold while the fate of countries like Greece and now Spain (so I hear) and even Ireland continue to face dire financial dissolution as these countries experience literal bankruptcy. Their own economies flail like fish fighting a river torrent of failed economic policies under a “one world order” system. I’ve heard that many E.U. countries are now looking at leaving “the Union” in an attempt to regain political and financial solvency. And the list goes on…

Of course, as the saying goes, “in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.” And so quite a few eggs are cracking under the pressure for massive change, and change is indeed, inevitable. I think that’s why I like the rainy season. The weather is much more apt to change on a dime. And personally speaking, I’m a big fan of change. I get bored too easily. Must be that quadruple Aquarian (uber Air sign) thing I’ve got goin’ on… =)~

In the equatorial regions there are primarily two seasons… wet and dry. However, in the U.S. and other more temperate northern or southern hemisphere countries, it’s the springtime which usually brings the rains. As the seasons shift from winter to spring, things literally begin to “heat up”, and that can bring about some pretty spectacular events… thunder storms, flooding, wind, lightning, even twisters (tornadoes) in many parts of the country. These can be very devastating and life-altering events for the lives of many. And as it is above, so it is below.

tornado_and_lightning-3314The political, social and economic twisters that are beginning to spin their way through the many areas of the human experience will also affect countless lives. In fact, such events will translate into a loss of life for some, and causing others to take a very serious and important look at how they choose to live on the planet at this time. A planet that is getting smaller by the minute and moving quickly towards a pinnacle event that will force everyone to look at how they live, work and play on this common ground we all share.  (WHOA! a huge crack of lightning just occurred as I wrote that. LOL… just about jumped out of my own skin. Okay, it seems that someone is listening… =)~

And so, dear ones, it’s important to pay attention to the signs. Trust me when I say that these signs are everywhere. Nothing happens by accident, and even the internal conflicts that are arising in your own lives are important to recognize as opportunities for huge shifts on how you see yourself moving and being in the world today. Of course, as with all good storms, one can either live in fear of what is occurring, or one can take solace in the knowing that, “this too shall pass”. The key to successfully riding out the storm is to become more conscious (increased awareness) of the coming cycles, taking shelter (going within) when necessary, walking in full faith and trust while seeking higher ground (morally/ethically/karmically speaking) when the opportunity presents itself. If you know this already, then it’s simply time to put the knowledge into practice (increased wisdom) and wait out the storm.

“Whether we are headed towards Armageddon or sailing into the New Age, our work is the same: to keep our hearts open. To let them break when they are breaking. To keep being true to something deep and luminous within ourselves. To act when it’s time to act, and to be still when stillness is called for.” -Ram Dass

For me, I feel the call to continue the journey of sharing the message that there is much more to come, and that every cloud has the potential for a silver lining. One only needs to develop the keen ability to see those silver linings when they come. To put it point blank… if you keep focusing on the darkness of these times then that is what you shall manifest as part of your experience of it. Energy always goes in the direction that one’s attention flows. Remember that. So, if you sharpen your own ability to see BEYOND the old-world perceptions of fear, internal/external conflict, and self-destruction, then you will be able to see that even these storms simply have a purpose to serve… to cleanse, clear and open people up to the reality of what is. Even the most intense storms play an important role of clearing the debris, cleansing the land, and bringing forth new growth for personal and collective conscious evolution.

IMG_1082Thus, many of us will continue to remain assured in the knowing that the rains will bring about much needed nourishment upon a still very ego-based, spiritually-parched planet; for it has indeed been written, and many know that it too shall come to pass. I’ve seen it already happen in the lives of many, and have no doubt that the process of healing and cleansing will continue until the process is complete. Eventually, these days of reigny/rainy days of clouded judgment, fear and all-out war will too come to pass, and the sun will again shine to nourish new flowers/trees/beings desiring to be born and nourished from a tender and yet fertile ground.

Even as I draw this writing to a close, the rains have begun to ebb and literally draw to an end, as if perfectly on queue (lol… but of course =), and the light begins to shine again as the clouds move on to their next destination. Even now, the children begin to take to the streets to play in the streams and puddles left in the storm’s wake. And the people emerge once more to go about their daily business of making the most out of life, knowing that it’s the season of the monsoons, and that as a country and a culture, they realize and appreciate the value of the rainy season… for healing, for cleansing and for nourishing the Earth for the next cycle of new growth.

Water is life. Earth is Life. Sun is Life. Air is Life. It’s all Life. Honor the water, earth, fire and air within you. Know that it is all here to serve one purpose and one purpose alone… ALL LIFE. Keep breathing, trusting, learning, loving and growing. All this too shall pass. All Life passes. It’s YOU that is Eternal.

In Love, Light and everlasting Life, ♥ Pheonyx


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