“Brow to Brow” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Brow to Brow”  by Pheonyx Roldan Smith 

(originally composed June 22nd, 2011. Excerpt from “The Red Book Writings”)

The warmth of your fingers smoothed the creases in my brow,
edging away my uncertainties with each caress across my third-eye;
Like feathers brushing away eons of worries, deceptions, and fears.
I hear the smaller, less certain of my two selves speak…

“But you are a man, but a boy really…
How could you know the essence of a sensual touch?
And how that alone can open up doorways
yet unexplored, let alone unknown just moments before?

How could you know how to lead my soul through the portals of time
simply by a swipe across the bridge of my nose through the temple of my mind?
How could you know about all these things and seemingly so much more yet unspoken?”

“You don’t remember?” you gently replied through that silent smile,
“You told me with your eyes.”



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