“Tree Song” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

painting by Pheonyx at the Omega Institute (2011)

“Tree Song” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith (composed July 07, 2011)

Dedicated to Martin TreeWalker Isganitis (1956 – 2013) and all who walk the trees

Today I walked the forest
to seek what it had to say;
To guide me as I walk
my path in silent steadfast way.

I took a moment to greet it
with heart on full display.
I spoke to it in kindness,
my mind full set to pray.

I called upon this moment.
It called upon me back;
It sang a song in silence;
It paced me on my track.
Below I walked their branches,
like outstretched bones to open sky.
Roots like toes divinely planted
in gangly networks below did lie.

I felt my movements; slow, expanded.
My soul released a sigh
of love and longing chords
of ancient river cries,
which flowed from leaf to lumber
from twisted root to vine,
even from the bee that happ’d to bumble by;

and this is what they said to me upon the wind in lowly cry…

“We are intricately connected,
There’s little difference
between the you and I.
We are as ancient as
the rocks that at our bases deeply lie.

“Our direction is the Sun,
the Source of Light and all of Life;
Our purpose is to serve,
and at this we need not try.

“So, we call upon you now to hear our ancient cry,
Be still and know this heartsong within the woods you tarry by.

“For now it rises to greet you each
from the center of an open eye,
like a tempest storm which rises
from our common Mother’s cry.

“Listen for it swiftly
upon the by and by;
It is as powerful as the wind
and as persistent as the fly,
signaling a change of ages come
neither man nor fauna shall deny.”

My heart dropped into the void; 
Upon my brow an angel sighed.
I shall take upon this manna
which hath fed me until I die,
and soar among the trees again 
which reach into infinite star-filled skies.  


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