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“Soliloquy of the Rains” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Soliloquy of the Rains” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith I love just listening to the rain do its thing… Ever since I was a kid I’ve been enamored by it. Sort of like a… Continue reading

“An Allegory for Love” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“An Allegory for Love” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith Friend #1: I love you. Friend #2: No you don’t. Friend #1: Yes… I do. Friend #2: No you don’t. I can’t see how you can… Continue reading

“In Stride” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“In Stride” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith All things ‘good’ and ‘bad’ shall fall away too under the Sun.  Be not attached to their comings and goings  no more than you would be attached … Continue reading

“Between Worlds” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Between Worlds” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith A River flows between the senses. What I see is not where I Am. I Am like a bird hidden among the branches of a tree, caught somewhere… Continue reading

“To Fly” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“To Fly” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith  you say you want to live but you don’t know how.  you say you want to die but you’re afraid of what’s on the other side. you say… Continue reading

“Dream” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Dream” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith (Artwork by Cameron Grey) ~ good night, my loves. dream and sleep while still waking. may you find the solace of your own making. may you breathe beyond life’s… Continue reading

“Within My Heart of Hearts” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Within My Heart of Hearts” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith No matter where I go, there you are.  “Where?”, you ask.  Here… right here in my heart of hearts.  You walk with me upon the… Continue reading

“Brow to Brow” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Brow to Brow”  by Pheonyx Roldan Smith  (originally composed June 22nd, 2011. Excerpt from “The Red Book Writings”) The warmth of your fingers smoothed the creases in my brow, edging away my uncertainties… Continue reading

“Tree Song” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Tree Song” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith (composed July 07, 2011) Dedicated to Martin TreeWalker Isganitis (1956 – 2013) and all who walk the trees Today I walked the forest to seek what it had to… Continue reading

“Of Truth, Trust and Light” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Of Truth, Trust and Light” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith (Sept. 2010) My heart bleeds  but I breathe Life  into that which now and always  pours out upon a hurting planet  seeking to be… Continue reading

“‘I See You,’ Says the Sea to the Sky” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


The Sky does not say to the Sea, “I AM above you. So, therefore I AM better than you.”  The Sky just is, and the Sea just is. And yet, the two are… Continue reading

“Calling You Home” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Calling You Home” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith Are you here? Or are you still there? Are you seeking sunshine in a midnight rain? Are you playing tunes upon the window pane? Are you… Continue reading

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